Anti-Aging Ingredients

Grape Seed Extract: Probably the most widely and longest studied botanical is the Vitis Vinifera. Provides anti-inflammatory properties, help prevent skin aging, savenge radical oxygen species and inhibit UV radiation-induced damage. Proanthocyanidins – a group of polyphenolic bioflavonoids found in grape seeds and their stem ells are responsible for its powerful antioxidant effect and its anti-tumor activity.

Growth Factors: A naturally occurring substance capable of stimulating celluar growth and proliferation. Medical studies indicate that Growth Factors are unparalleled in enhancing dynamic and rapid cell activity!

L-ascorbic acid: is a water-soluble antioxidant that is also highly susceptible to oxidation. Although water-based vitamin C topical products can be effective, their shelf life is typicaly not more than one year. This important melanogenesis-inhibiting, collagen-building anti-inflammatory vitamin is best delievered to the skin in an ahhydrous base.

Stem cells: The role of cutaneous stem cells is to replenish skin as it undergoes normal function and wound repair. The majority of these cells reside in the basal layer of the epidermis. When a stem cell divides, the daughter cells have the potential to either remin a stem cell, like the parent cell or to differentiate into cells with a more specialized function, known as progenitor clells.

The bulk of research has been focused on three rich sources: phtyo stems cells: grape, lilac and swiss apple.



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