Unique Holiday Spa Packages!


Unique Holiday Spa Packages


Your skin will be noticeably smoother and fresher , Reduces signs of sun damage, dull and uneven skin tones, smooths rough texture and discoloration. Our peels are non-toxic with little or minimum down time. And they make great Holiday gifts. Did I mention I have over two decades of clinical experience.!


NEW! Zen Me

3 Rezenerate Treatments $525

1 Light Peel $75

1 Ultra sonic skin scrubber $25

1 Hydrating masque $25

Total Value $650

Your Price $450


Rejuvenate Me

Three Basic Microdermabrasion Treatments $300

Includes full chest $75

One Add on $25

Total Value $400

Your price $285


Renew Me

Three Anti-aging Peels $480

One Follow Up Post Peel Facial $75

Total Value $555

Your Price $450


 New! I want it all

One Anti-Aging Peel $160

One Microdermabrasion $100

One Rezenerate Treatment $175

One Gold Masque  $25

Total Value $460

Your Price $425


offer now expired

Gift Certificates available for these packages online or in the shop.

Must be prepaid and treatments completed in 9 -12 weeks.
Progressive treatments with little to no downtime.

(831) 462-2690

by Sharon Williams

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