chip for the renzenerate wand only at Pristine Clinical Skin CAre, Capitola, CA

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Renzenerate in Capitola, CA at Pristine Clinical Skin Care


chip for the renzenerate wand only at Pristine Clinical Skin CAre, Capitola, CA


The Rezenerate Anti-Aging Facial™: This facial drastically reduces fine lines and wrinkles and leaves you feeling and looking younger. The facial was designed to reduce the signs of aging and maximize collagen and elastin generation. Dead skin cells and debris are removed, after which a scientifically selected mix of nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins are delivered into the skin thereby hydrating and re-energizing your skin’s natural beauty.



From 0 to 24 hours: fine lines and wrinkles will fade and the face will be plumper and more voluminous.
Days 3-5: The old dead skin will gently begin to peel away.
Days 7-10: A new healthier skin will begin to surface, a healthy glow will be present.
Days 10-14: Maximal results will appear and skin will look its best. Effects of collagen and elastin Rezeneration will continue to appear over the next 60-120 with firmer healthier skin overall.
Facials are recommended every 2-4 weeks for optimal results and ultimately depend on individual needs.



Little to no down time–customers can apply make up in minutes
Go about your daily business without concern
Scar-less healing
No cross contamination
A chemical peel result without the invasiveness
Start treating yourself the way you deserve to be treated.


The Rezenerate Facials™ utilize a proprietary skin conditioning tool developed through advanced fabrication technologies and computer models which produce high-grade silicon pyramid arrays that are 1/3 the diameter of a human hair at its widest. It is this innovation that allows perfect balance and effectiveness.

For a limited time  take advantage of our Introductory Price:

Prepay for three treatments and $50

$175 per treatment

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