February Special 2018

So how does LIGHTWAVE work? LIGHTWAVE is one of the few systems to maximize the benefits of red, infrared and blue light energy. Each color or wavelength of light has a specific purpose. Part of the challenge is to properly control the time, intensity, waveform and other important aspects of each color of light to provide a proper dose or treatment. LIGHTWAVE has done just that! This means the LIGHTWAVE treatments allow more photon energy to be absorbed and penetrate the skin far better than the ordinary light devices on the market, making it easier to achieve consistent and reliable results.

While undergoing light therapy, LIGHTWAVE clients also have the added benefit of being able to quickly transform the outside layers of the skin with our corresponding ABI skin care kits. These products have been created specifically for our light therapy systems, allowing clients to experience a total transformation both on the inside and out.

Special of the month 
Complimentary 10-minute LightWave session with your scheduled
anti-aging treatment
(offer good until Feb. 28th)

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