Renzenerate in Capitola, CA at Pristine Clinical Skin Care

WHAT  IS  THE  REZENERATE  WAND?   The  Rezenerate  Wand  is  a  professional-­‐grade,  state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art   precision  cosmetic tool  featuring  nano-­‐technology  designed  to   address  fine  lines  and  wrinkles,  blemishes  as  well  as  a  myriad  of  other  skin  issues.  It  is  the  future  of  beauty…TODAY!     Let  me  also  tell  you  what  it  isn’t…it  is  not  another  Micro-­‐  Needling   Device!  Unlike  medical  grade  micro  needling  devices,  the  Rezenerate   Wand  is  a  cosmetic  tool  that  achieves  similar  results  without  the   invasiveness.  It  is  a  safe  alternative for clients  that  don’t  want  an   invasive  medical  procedure,  but  do  want  great  results  from  the  newest   facial  on  the  market.   At  Rezenerate,  we  believe  that  the  technology   is  now  here  to  give  people  great  results  without   the  pain  and  invasiveness  of  a  medical   procedure.

chip for the renzenerate wand only at Pristine Clinical Skin CAre, Capitola, CA

Each of the silicon pyramid
arrays are 1/3 the diameter of
a human hair! There is no
device on the market
that is this precise.

Series of three  treatments$500 (performed at  two to three week intervals for best results).

Each Treatment: $175

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