C- Peptide Complex

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C-Peptide Complex

Want a brighter complexion?   provides a potent dose of free radical scavenging with a powerful blend of L-Ascorbic Acid and an active blend of our collagen-boosting peptide, and dry marine collagen. The rejuvenating benefits of C-Peptide Complex gives you a daily dose of Vitamin C and essential protein. This all-important complex is a must for every skin for continued support against free radical damage and to strengthen skin tissue, while increasing collagen production. Use this in the morning with your sun protection and it will be double protection!  $48

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Summer Products- eZinc Protection Cream



A two in one product!

Moisturizer and Sun protection folks. The Zinc Oxide complex in eZinc Protection Cream makes this formula a highly protective topical, giving skin much needed protection from the elements without leaving the skin white or pasty.  A light, anti-aging moisturizing cream. Provides a natural SPF 18 – is not waterproof. Call Sharon at (831) 462-2690 $46

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