Five Elegant Christmas Packages Gift Certificates




Christmas Packages for Someone Special

Ultimate Renewal $450

The Renewal Package is designed to renew and rejuvenate even the most tired or neglected skin. With a series of 3 Anti- Aging Peels, the skins appearance will be noticeably improved, with fine lines disappearing, deeper lines becoming softer and less visible, and dead skin cells removed to reveal healthy, more radiant skin beneath. Every Anti-Aging Peel includes treatment for the face, neck and decollete to ensure total renewal and the application or Magical ice globes after will soothe tone and tighten the skin.

Also, as a extra treat, enjoy a TGF  Eye Firming Masque with one of our peels. This miraculous eye  eraser delivers results just minutes after application. This package delivers serious results, and is the perfect gift for someone who needs some extra special pampering.

Christmas Indulgence $379

A truly indulgent experience that includes a myriad of fantastic treatments. It starts with a powerful anti-aging Microdermabrasion treatment for hands, decollete and face. In addition, we include a Facial Enzyme Peel. Followed by a relaxing Facial. Next, a Ultra sonic skin scrubber for that extra exfoliation. Giving added definition to the eyes, a Brow Design will be followed by a Bio C Collagen Masque for the face and eye area to firm and plump out the skin.  To complete the facial the facial component of this amazing package, Ice globes will be use to soothe, tighten and refine the skin.

But there is still more to experience! This package also contains the fantastic Upper Body Luster Peel to soften and smooth the arms, hands and decollete. A fantastic collection of treatments to totally indulge someone special.


Complete Rebalance   $319

Using a Light AHA Peel to prepare the skin by removing the outer layer of dry skin cells, our superb East Meets West Facial will rebalance energy centers using pressure points to instantly lift, firm and tighten.  This is complemented by the Eye Firming Masque to erase fine lines and reenergize the delicate eye area. To further define the eyes, a Brow Design is also included. Completing this wonderful package is our results-driven Upper Body Luster Peel to rejuvenate the tired skin on décolleté, arms and hands leaving them soft, smooth and beautifully hydrated.

New Year Radiance   $250

The sensational Winter Radiance Facial includes a beautiful Cherry Enzyme Treatment to lift away dry dead skin cells leaving the skin ready for a relaxing face, neck, shoulder, décolleté, arm and scalp massage.  Custom Blended Serums are applied, followed by a specialized Collagen Face and Eye Firming MasqueMagical Ice Globes will tighten and tone facial muscles, reduce signs of puffiness and eliminate visible fine lines.  Also included is the skin smoothing Upper Body Luster Peel.  Much like a facial peel, this treatment will de-age the hands, arms and décolleté. The perfect way to start the New Year.

Refresh and Renew   $149

Give someone you love the gift a beautiful Customized Facial that revitalizes the skin and restores a healthy, more youthful glow.  Using the advanced Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber, the skin will be gently yet effectively exfoliated and smoothed, ready to receive a blend of Personalized Serums infused with ultrasound. This facial also includes an application of collagen boosting LED to provide even greater results, and the Magical Ice Globes to stimulate and exercise facial muscles, and eliminate fine lines. A beautiful finish to a beautiful facial.


To purchase these beautiful Gift Packages you can either call Sharon Williams at (831) 462-2690– Purchase online. As a special bonus I can personally deliver these gift certificates to you. Presented in a beautiful Gold Pillow Box – Nothing more for you to do but watch the smile on your special someone’s face when he or she opens their gift.






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