What’s in your Skin Care Tool Box?

This year I wanted to change things up. I lowered the prices on some of the products and added a few new and exciting items.

Here is a spotlight of three new anti-aging products.


NEW! Chrono Peptide – Encapsulated Retinal A. Promotes brighter — looking skin, collagen synthesis for a firmer  and more toned skin, and an excellent exfoliating  rejuvenation. No prescription is needed!

NEW! Elite e EGF – A peptide with a unique sequence to mimic the human body’s own mechanism to produce collagen via TGF-b. Use of this ingredient over a 6-month period gave an improvement of 350% fewer wrinkles and enhanced firming and hydration.

NEW! Eye and Lip Repair – This unique and exotic serum melts into delicate eye tissue and transforms eyes and lips to a more dewy, youthful soften appearance. This is a two in one product.

Call for your complimentary consultation with Sharon at Pristine Clinical Skin Care and update your daily skin care routine for optimal results.

10% discount at the time of your consultation. Call (831) 462-2690 or book online today.

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